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Useful links

As a service to our customers we provide you with the following links. Consider this as a general information only. If you experience any problems with the links below, please send us an e-mail. PepperDesk is not responsible for the content of any of the websites included in this list. If you would like us to include a link to your website in this section, send us an e-mail. Your request will then be reviewed by our team.

EU Pesticides database
(select peppercorn in the 2nd column and the pesticide residue in the 1st)

Food and Feed Safety Alerts RASFF – the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed.
(in category select herbs and spices)

EU legislation on MRL (Maximum Residue Levels)

For actual updates on hurricanes click here

European Spice Association ESA

European Union EU

American Spice Trade Association ASTA

International Pepper Community IPC

Grain and Feed Trade Association GAFTA