Global Pepper Conference 2016

S c r o l l D o w n

The Black Gold League is organising the GLOBAL PEPPER CONFERENCE in collaboration with Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR) Kozhikode, Spices Board of India, Coffee Day Global, Mudremane Coffee and Spices and several other private enterprises. The BGL has emerged as a global platform for farmers visit, discussion and interaction between Pepper growers, traders and other stake holders of the Pepper industry. In view of this the BGL is organising this first-of-its-kind event from the 11th to 13th November 2016.

The yield and quality of Black Pepper is affected worldwide by agronomic practices like extensive use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides, open shade, unhygienic drying and processing techniques and adverse environmental factors.

The BGL is committed to produce the best quality Pepper in the world by Balanced Plant Nutrition using organic manures, fertilizers, bio-pesticides and bio-fungicides,

integrated pest and disease management with an emphasis on Shade Grown, Eco-friendly and sustainable pepper production to withstand the adverse climatic conditions considerably.

The Theme of GPC 2016 is “Showcasing the Intrinsic Value of Shade Grown, Eco-friendly, Sustainable Pepper Production with Traceability”. GPC 2016 aims at chartering a course to unleash the value of Indian Pepper which is Shade grown and Eco-friendly with an emphasis on Clean and Safe Pepper with Traceability.

The founder of PepperDesk, Gerwald Kras is invited as a speaker to share his knowledge about the industry.

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