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PepperDesk is a committed & experienced player in the world of spices. For our clients - which are active as trader, importer or manufacturer - pepper & other spices are sourced in key growth areas such as Ecuador, Brazil, Indonesia, India & Vietnam.

In addition, PepperDesk BV offers its clients knowledge available regarding sustainable agriculture, processing, food safety and market analysis.

Founder (Gerwald Kras)

Gerwald Kras founder of PepperDesk has almost two decades’ experience as a spice processor & merchant.This experience is a solid foundation for PepperDesk but also for its partners in the spice industry.


Annually, we market large volumes of spices which allow us to negotiate sharp prices for our buyers. It does not end with the contract; it just begins – quality checks, document handling, timely shipments and preventing complications are customary to us. With our sales staff we are able to develop and maintain relationships with our customer base. Our office staff is able to process orders efficiently and provides the customers with the right service in the industry.

Want to know more? mail us  sales@pepperdesk.com or leave your details here.

Gerwald Kras